Advises to manages excessive sweating

Advises to manages excessive sweating

Here are some tips to be adopted to better manage perspiration

1 - Adopt impeccable hygiene.

This is the first key to a good approach sweating problems. Strict hygiene solve the problem of bad odors at the source, removing the bacteria responsible for these. To achieve this :

  • Wash at least once a day, particularly lather areas like underarms, where perspiration is more abundant. There antibacterial soaps which can further improve the efficiency of a regular hygiene.
  • Take a shower after your sports activity and dry your skin thoroughly, bacteria proliferate more rapidly in wetlands.
  • Consider changing your underwear (T-shirt, socks ...) every day.
  • Wash your hands regularly, before meals and after going to the toilet.
  • Finally, you shave or pluck you. Indeed, the hairs promote the development of bacteria responsible for bad odors.

2 - Dress up slightly

One of the first things to do when you start to sweat is to cool your body. So Avoid wearing too warm clothes, or if it is cold, allow multiple "layers" in order to undress (a jacket, sweater rather than for example).

Loose, light clothing is recommended. Their movements relative to the body promote evaporation of perspiration and the circulation of the air at the surface of the skin. Attention also to textile fibers worn only clothes made of natural fabrics (cotton, wool, silk) allow the skin to breathe.

For sports activities, favor the "breathable" fiber that promote evaporation of perspiration.

Unfortunately, Most textiles tend to stay moist. They trap the odorous agents and retain their mesh. Difficult to dress in these conditions, fortunately there are solutions which overcome these problems (such as anti-halos patches) and allow to freely choose her wardrobe.

3 - Eat a healthy diet

Alcohol, tobacco, spicy foods and foods containing caffeine (coffee, tea, cola or chocolate) promote sweating. Limit the possible consumption. And think about drinking a lot of water to compensate for water loss due to perspiration.

Another tip: do not drink nor too cold nor too hot. This disrupts the body, which tends to give the opposite result to that intended. Rather prefer warm drinks, even in hot weather. Some sage herbal teas help regulate excessive sweating in addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Some foods provide even stronger odor of sweat. This is the case of garlic, onion, cheese and spices. Generally, if you consume too much protein (meat, egg, etc ...), your sweat will be more fragrant. Apply the rule of five fruits and vegetables per day. Know that there are also dietary supplements that act on body odor.

4 - you can relax!

Stress is a leading cause heavy sweating. We sweat a lot because you are stressed. Then the annoying effects of perspiration (smell and halos) aggravate our stress. To end this downward spiral, choose effective solutions to control your sweating. Reassured by finally truly suitable products to your problems, you will find more serenity.

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