DayDry in Elle-quebec

DayDry in Elle-quebec

Sweating: 4 Alternative to antiperspirant
To avoid sweating in the heat, there are other options that the antiperspirant stick. Zoom on alternative products and techniques that promise to keep us dry.
Presented by Emmanuelle Martinez-Curvalle

1. Botox

Did you know that Botox can be used to fight against excessive sweating? This is also a very common practice among stars who want to avoid the annoying halos armpits before a social event. How it works? Injecting the botulinum toxin under the armpit, it blocks the secretion of sweat glands. Effects last up to six months and the session costs on average between $ 600 and $ 1,000. A rather drastic and expensive solution.

2. Essential oils

And yes, essential oils, in addition to being all-natural, prove to be valuable allies in the fight against perspiration and odor. The most effective? The clary sage oil and oil Palmarosa. You can mix one drop of the first three drops of the second (or both together, keeping the proportions) to a non-greasy cream. Then the mixture is applied under the armpits (or underfoot) with a circular massage.

Essential oils of clary sage, $ 16 bottle of 15 mL. Available at Rachelle-Bery.

3. Sweat Pads

Proposed by increasingly marks, antiperspirant patches have the coast. More discreet than we think, sold as disposable or washable daily drives, are applied under the armpits. They stay in place during the day and prove their efficiency by absorbing all the moisture given off by the body. It is the perfect solution to avoid unsightly halos and feel cool. Obviously, we forget this if you wear short sleeves.

40 anti-halos disposable patches Daydry, $ 23. Available on

4. Alum stone

Alternative effective and completely natural, the alum stone has antiperspirant virtues recognized since ancient times. Odorless, alcohol, slightly transparent and composed of potassium alum, it slows down the process of sweating tightening pores without clogging. Rubbed against the skin after wet, because it is the contact of the stone with water freeing minerals. These leave a thin film on the skin and prevent the development of bacteria that cause perspiration odors. Magic!

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