DayDry sweat protect undershirt

DayDry sweat protect undershirt

The textile range DayDry is strengthened with the return of shirt triple antiperspirant protection (+ impermeable barrier). To top model, designed for excessive underarm sweating, we improved many small details that will enhance your comfort always with the guarantee of a 100% effectiveness whatever the intensity of your perspiration.

Integral ultrathin patch consists of a Lenzing modal layer which absorbs moisture, a double-sided inner layer which retains perspiration and prevents it ran, finally an outer layer of discrete modal Lenzing which remains dry.
The tissue is now a Lenzing Modal, a must Micro-Modal textiles. Extremely thin, it will not keep you warm while retaining perspiration. Its hygroscopic qualities are exceptional: it absorbs twice as cotton and dry twice as fast.

tshirt daydry protection description

Lenzing Modal is soft, supple and silky. For this advantage is more developed, we opted for flat seams (flat lock) usually reserved for sportswear. No more friction and therefore irritation associated with perspiration.
DayDry Comfort Plus model is still man V neck New this year, we offer a flared collar woman model also features a triple protection patch, for those who want to take no chances.
Finally, the t-shirt DayDry Comfort Plus is available in white and black, to suit every wardrobe.

Available in man and woman model, Black and Natural White, size S to XL

Unit Price: 35 euros

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