Shampoo probiotic care
Natural formula phenoxyethanol free, sulfate free, paraben free

DayDry organic shampoo with probiotic active ingredients cleanses your scalp and your skin with natural ingredients and essential oils. shampoo with essential oils are recommended for dry hair, oily hair, hair with dandruff, colored hair and normal hair, it's daily care of your hair ..

Thanks to the combined action of pH 5.5 respectful slightly acid scalp of the hydrosol and essential oil of sage and protective sudo regulators and totally natural assets, the probiotic treatment shampoo DayDry cleans hair without unbalancing gentle skin microbiota.

The hair becomes soft, shiny and light. Their volume is preserved throughout the day without scalp irritation. The unique formula of probiotic care shampoo acts on all health factors beauty of skin and hair. Its cleansing base gently cleanses without sulfate. Pro-active deodorant complex cleanses the scalp without irritating. The hydrosol sage regulates sweating and gives volume without drying. Vitamin B and hyaluronic acid reinforce the outer shell of the hair while protecting the skin hydration.

Did you know ? The profuse sweating scalp affects women and men, and particularly relates to sports.

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