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The DayDry innovation, a range of probiotic care products dedicated to your beauty.

Today, probiotics and prebiotics offer a whole new field of investigation for cosmetology. Excerpts from the fermentation of certain plants, these natural assets are formidable allies for the health of your skin. The DayDry probiotic cosmetic skincare range is based on the latest discoveries in the skin microbiota to offer you naturally effective products and eco-balance.

By controlling the microflora on the surface of the skin, DayDry probiotics care fight against skin blemishes, irritation or body odor. Without toxic assets, such as parabens, triclosan, aluminum salts or propylene glycol, probiotics DayDry care cleanse and maintain your daily skin and hair without assaulting them.

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  • probiotic deodorant

    Stay safe from you in any circumstance!
    More than simple deodorant, DayDry probiotic deodorant is genuine care thanks to Pro-active probiotic complex Deo combining lactobacillus and saccharomyces. It offer balanced pH of the skin and prevent the development of harmful bacteria responsible for sweat odors. DayDry probiotic deodorantis very efficient against the bromhidrose.

    Natural, DayDry probiotic deodorant is a very high skin tolerance (proved by clinical tests), it is suitable for sensitive ans normal skins. Their anti-odor action extends several days, they continue to act even after bathing or showering.

  • probiotic shower gel

    Thanks to the combined action of its slightly acidic pH skin-friendly and completely natural ingredients, the probiotic treatment DayDry shower gel protects the natural barrier of the skin Gentle.

    skin balance

    Its pH 5.5 preserves the lipid film of the dermis and helps rebalance the natural microbiota to ensure its protective role. Its probiotic complex cleanses the skin and prolongs the effect of deodorant 120 probiotic treatment in a daily care routine. Once purified skin, probiotic care shower gel leaves skin clean, soft and delicately scented.

  • Shampoo probiotic care
    Natural formula phenoxyethanol free, sulfate free, paraben free

    DayDry organic shampoo with probiotic active ingredients cleanses your scalp and your skin with natural ingredients and essential oils. shampoo with essential oils are recommended for dry hair, oily hair, hair with dandruff, colored hair and normal hair, it's daily care of your hair ..

    Thanks to the combined action of pH 5.5 respectful slightly acid scalp of the hydrosol and essential oil of sage and protective sudo regulators and totally natural assets, the probiotic treatment shampoo DayDry cleans hair without unbalancing gentle skin microbiota.

    The hair becomes soft, shiny and light. Their volume is preserved throughout the day without scalp irritation. The unique formula of probiotic care shampoo acts on all health factors beauty of skin and hair. Its cleansing base gently cleanses without sulfate. Pro-active deodorant complex cleanses the scalp without irritating. The hydrosol sage regulates sweating and gives volume without drying. Vitamin B and hyaluronic acid reinforce the outer shell of the hair while protecting the skin hydration.

    Did you know ? The profuse sweating scalp affects women and men, and particularly relates to sports.

  • Soap care
    Essential oils soap care

    True natural skincare, DayDry  essential oils soaps care provide an answer for every skin problem and each area of the body. Rich in jojoba oil, they are suitable for sensitive and fragile skin or combine a selection of natural assets (powder plants, essential oils, clays ...) chosen for their medicinal properties.

    organic cosmetics made in France

    Discover the daily pleasure of ultra-mild soaps made from 99% natural ingredients and manufactured in compliance with the rules of the great traditional soap. All our soaps are made in France.

  • DayDry cosmetic Packs

    DayDry offers a selection of products in Packs that will please you and you will benefit from small discounts. What to do also enjoy your loved ones by offering them a nice gift.

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Showing 1 - 19 of 19 items