Excessive sweating, causes and solutions

Excessive sweating, causes and solutions

Little known to the general public, hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating concern between 2 and 4% of the population, or about 36 million French have between 20 and 64, about 1 million people. This figure is an estimate because very few people suffering from this problem consult a doctor (general practitioner or dermatologist). Some experts suggest a much higher rate, 12% of the population over 15 years old may be affected.

Excessive sweating is manifested by excessive production of sweat, mostly localized: hand, foot, armpits, sometimes back, chest and face. It may be related to a pathology or an organic imbalance (fever, diabetes, obesity, medication, stress, menopause ...), it is called secondary hyperhidrosis of or have no known cause is primary hyperhidrosis.

In most cases, a change in lifestyle reduces symptoms:

  • Reduce the consumption of certain foods such as
  • coffee, chocolate, peanut butter;
  • especially spices or spicy foods;
  • hot drinks.
  • But also alcohol or tobacco
  • Wear clothing suitable for the ambient temperature (not too hot)
  • Relax as much as possible (practice a sport regularly, do some meditation or breathing exercises ...)

However, this remains mostly hypertranspiration embarrassing.

The Daydry solutions to fight against hyperhidrosis

If you suffer from excessive sweating, do not let this problem ruin your life. The Goodcare laboratories have created the portal and DayDry range to offer a wide range of solutions for every type of sweating.

  • Antiperspirants specially designed for each type of localized sweating: armpits, feet, hands, face, chest and back, buttocks and crotch.
  • Practical accessories to absorb excess perspiration: anti-halos patches, Sweat soles, antiperspirant patch
  • Technical underwear regulates perspiration and allowing dress without "fear" the discomfort of sweat: shirt anti-rings and Sweat, Sweat boxers, Sweat socks
  • Really deodorants and air fresheners effective in preventing perspiration odors and delete those that are impregnated in clothing or shoes.
  • Solutions of "treatment" natural, herbal medicine, iontophoresis ...

Our teams constantly seeking new innovative solutions always bring comfort to those for which perspiration is a stress gene or social factor. So dress, go out, work, sleep are no longer handicapped by extra sweat.

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