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DayDry boxer underwear for men was designed to fight against sweat marks and skin shaffing caused by excessive sweating of the lower back and buttocks. With their technical protection on sweat zones, antiperspirants underwear offer comfort and absolute security against the inconvenience of excessive sweating. This is the ideal solution for impeccable maintenance in all circumstances (important meeting, travel, marriage ...) and for the management of excessive sweating of the lower back, buttocks and crotch. The perfect garment to fight against excessive sweating, the only technical garments that hide completely sweat stains and prevent overheating.

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Why wear DayDry underwear ?

The sweating can appear in poorly ventilated areas and friction as the crotch, buttocks or groin. Its causes can be many: genetic predisposition, overweight, strenuous activity ... In these sensitive areas, it is troublesome and faders, generate overheating (painful irritation). This excessive sweating leaves traces (halos) on clothing and releases degrading an unpleasant odor.
Underwear anti perspirants Daydry (boxers and panties) were designed to absorb excessive sweating of the lower back and buttocks and keep the body cool in discreetly. His silky fabric natural fiber (Lenzing Modal) absorbs 2 times more than cotton and dries 2x faster, thus avoiding irritation. If your sweating is profuse, boxers or panties antiperspirant antiperspirant DayDry is the perfect garment for comfort and effective protection. Its rear dual fabric face (patented model) retains the sweat and protects your clothes.
Anti perspirant underwear DayDry exist in man and woman model. They are available in sizes S to XXL in Black and White.

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