Men sweat protection undershirt
DayDry undershirts sweat protection for men are designed to fight against stains, sweat marks and excessive underarm sweating. Offering scalable technical protection according to the desired degree of absorption, antiperspirants shirts offer comfort and absolute security against the inconvenience of excessive sweating. This is the ideal solution for impeccable maintenance in all circumstances (important meeting, travel, marriage ...) and for the management of axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating). The perfect garment to fight against excessive sweating, the only technical garments that hide completely sweat stains

Why wear Daydry undershirts ?

Sweating is a natural process for regulating body temperature. But secretion of sweat depends on other factors such as stress, obesity or a genetic predisposition. Underarm sweating can become excessive and embarrassing. Located in a poorly ventilated place, it leaves traces (halos) on clothing and releases degrading an unpleasant odor.

tshirt anti-transpiration daydry

The shirt antiperspirant Daydry (antiperspirant or anti halos) was designed to absorb excessive sweat and keep the body cool in discreetly. His silky fabric natural fiber (Lenzing Modal) absorbs 2 times more than cotton and dries 2x faster. If your sweating is profuse, the t-shirt DayDry Sweat is the anti perspirant perfect garment to fight against excessive underarm sweating. Its internal protection multilayer with barrier blocking the sweat and protect your shirt 100% or above.

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