Disposable sweat shields
DayDry disposable sweat shields (pads) stick on clothes.

They absorb sweat and avoid underarm sweat marks. DayDry disposable sweat pads reduce the feeling of moisture and protect clothing. These are the simple and effective protection against excessive sweating of the armpits.
Why wear halos DayDry disposable anti-patch?

Sweating is a natural process that keeps the body temperature around 37 ° C. Sweating under the armpits represents only 1% of the total amount of sweat secreted or a teaspoon on liter of sweat lost daily. But this is often inconvenient sweating, whether abundant or not. Located in a poorly ventilated place, it leaves traces (halos) on clothing and releases degrading an unpleasant odor. DayDry disposable sweat shields are the most natural method to fight against these nuisances. They represent a reliable alternative to antiperspirants and safely. Invisible under clothing, skin friendly, they ensure optimal comfort throughout the day.

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How to use disposable sweat shields ?

DayDry disposable sweat pads palced inside the sleeve of your clothing, before putting it on the smaller part to the inside of the sleeve, the greater the inside of the garment (see diagram). Ask your garment (shirt, blouse, dress ...) on the back of a chair, then attach your patch following the instructions on the box.

How to choose disposable sweat shields ?

DayDry disposable sweat pads can absorb a normal to excessive sweat flow. Practical and easy to attach, they throw themselves after a day of use. Washable anti-halos patches can absorb a way of transpiration rate with very high depending on the degree of absorption chosen. Their odor property and their absorption capacity does not alternate washing.

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