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    Innovation probiotic deodorant formula, no aluminium salt, no triclosan, no parabens ...

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    Manage your excessive sweating

    Patented DayDry undershirt helps you to fight againts sweat marks

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DayDry confidence creator

We are convinced that the onfidence is the secret of beauty and well-being. That is why we imagine every day new effective care and functional textile products to increase your comfort. In our cosmetic range and our textile collection you will find customized solutions for all sweating problems (armpits, body, face, head or foot) whatever the intensity (moderate sweating or excessive sweating), natural product care for skin problems that may cause sweating (acne, oily skin, irritation ...), products respectful of the most sensitive skin and supplements food 100% french made.


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  • Tous nos conseils pour rester frais

    2017-06-19 11:39:04

    Tous nos conseils pour rester frais

    Certains gestes simples permettent de faire baisser la température du corps. L’idée est de laisser respirer la peau au maximum en évitant : les crèmes grasses qui bouchent les pores, les vêtements sérés qui empêchent la sueur de s’évaporer, les matières synthétiques souvent peu respirantes, qui piègent la sueur (et les odeurs), et les boissons et les aliments qui élèvent la température corporelle !

  • Take care of your microbiota !

    2017-05-31 15:21:08

    Take care of your microbiota !

    The skin is colonized by trillions of bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses, archaea, small arthropods, by what is so-called the microbiota. These microorganisms are valuable allies for our health. They live on the surface of our skin as well as they live inside our intestines and are a protective barrier against infections, skin dysfunction and inflammation.


    2017-05-05 12:39:11


    A fresh, dry face, hair that keeps its volume through the day, without sticking, regardless of the body activity. The pleasure to makeup without fearing the effects of sweat, a hairstyle that stays in place, hair without dampness ...